Ebola Virus Protection Supplies

Worldwide Diagnostics is committed to assist in combating the Ebola virus crisis. We have the logistics to handle shipping, warehousing space, and experience in the region. We can offer Personal Protective Equipment which will help protect responders to the Ebola crisis. Among the items offered are:

Gloves, Gowns, Face Shield, Head covers, Face Masks, Surgical Masks, Bio Hazard Bags, Coveralls, Gum Boots, covers, Body Bags, Goggles, Spray Anti Fog, Hand Sprayer, Back Pack sprayer and more.

In addition, we can offer any requested medical equipment. Please contact for your immediate Ebola protection needs.

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About Us

Worldwide Diagnostics is a company, which is dedicated to supplying medical diagnostic products, that are ideally suited for the medium sized clinical lab and hospital market. Our objective is to deal with the highest regarded distributors, in each country which we market our products.

It is our goal to provide high quality products at prices, which will enable you to fully penetrate the market in a profitable manner. We will be quick to respond to your needs. We consider our customers vital to our success and we will listen to all that you have to say. Worldwide Diagnostics is active in terms of marketing our company and products. Worldwide Diagnostics can offer you information packets and provide you with all the information a distributor will need to market our products. We exhibit at various trade shows, and most importantly we visit each region of the world, at least once a year.

At this writing, our product line includes Centrifuges, Chemistry Analyzers, Coagulation Analyzers, ELISA Kits, ELISA Readers, ELISA Washers, Hematology Analyzers (both fully automated and semi-automated), MRI Scanners, Rapid Tests, Refurbished Instrumentation, and Urine Strips. We are also considering various other products. Which products would you like to see Worldwide Diagnostics offer in our product line? To respond to this questions please send us an e-mail. In the future we will be adding several more products to our product line, as we feel the more products we can offer you the easier it makes your job, and the more willing you will be to work with us.

Worldwide Diagnostics is pleased to announce we have developed a new sourcing division. Simply tell us the product or the manufacturer you desire and we will try to provide it to you. We have access to a great variety of medical products.

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